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Hutchinson Fire Department and Hutchinson Regional Medical Center Collaborate on Infant Safety Box Project


By the Hutchinson Fire Department and Hutchinson Regional Medical Center 


HUTCHINSON, Kan. — This week the Hutchinson Fire Department, in collaboration with Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, launched an initiative to raise funds to install two Hope’s Cradles into two different fire station locations within the community.

A Hope’s Cradle is a legal, private and secure way a mother or guardian can relinquish their rights of a child anonymously. These cradles are installed on the outside of the fire station. When a child is placed within the cradle and the door shut, and alarm immediately goes off alerting authorities, including 911, that action needs to take place. 

“Our goal really is to ensure both the Guardian and the child have a future,” stated Fire Chief Steven Beer on the mission and purpose for this project. “This cradle can give the Guardian hope in a desperate situation and prevent the loss of life.”

House Bill 2024 was passed earlier this year permitting the installation of such safety boxes or cradles at both fire and police stations in Kansas. The goal would be for these cradles to be located at the new fire station on Main Street and one at the Avenue E station, providing support to residents in multiple areas of the community. 

“Hutchinson Regional’s mission is to ensure the quality of life, so when Chief Beer approached us to partner with him there was no hesitation,” commented Director of Marketing and Foundation Jessica Flax. “It was Chief Beer and our Head of Security, Chris Cooper, who really spearheaded the idea.”

To secure installation of two cradles, a goal of $50,000 has been set. If more funds are raised, more cradles will be installed across the community. Donations can be dropped off at any fire station or made online at

For more information on the Hope’s Cradle mission and product, please visit