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Hutchinson City Council Discusses 36 Citations Issued for Sidewalk Violations in Hyde Park Neighborhood Following Annual Luminary Display


By Lucky Kidd


HUTCHINSON, Kan. — Code enforcement officers of the City of Hutchinson have issued a large number of citations for sidewalk violations in one Hutchinson neighborhood. During Tuesday’s Hutchinson City Council meeting it was reported 36 residents in the Hyde Park neighborhood were issued citations, which reportedly stemmed from complaints made following the neighborhood’s annual luminary display in December.

Council member Stacy Goss voiced concern about how what she described as a mass violation event was handled at Tuesday’s meeting. “I feel like we could have engaged residents differently,” Goss said, adding this is a problem throughout the city of Hutchinson.

Interim City Manager Mary Grace Clements said the timeline listed in the citation is problematic. “Just to get bids, the 30 days is probably an unrealistic timeline,” Clements told the Council, noting even the city is challenged in this regard on sidewalk projects they do. 

On a somewhat related subject, the city will by the end of the week have posted on their website the application forms for this year’s sidewalk assistance program. Applications for it will be accepted through April 24th, after which a committee will review the applications to determine how funds will be allotted.