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Hutchinson Art Fair Award Recipients Announced


HUTCHINSON, Kan. – The Hutchinson Art Center has announced its merit awards recipients from the recent Hutchinson Art Fair.

1st Place ($500): Lindsay Hendershot (Abstract Painting)

2nd Place ($400): Michael Schlyer (Stoneware Pottery)

3rd Place ($300): Jocelyn Woodson (Painting)

Marvel Senti Award ($400): Kathie Moore (Oil Painting)

Charlotte Summers Award ($250): Phyllis Provost-Saas (Painting)

Jeanette Mull Award ($250): Cathy Wilkins (Watercolor)

Winston & Shirley Schmidt Award ($100): Roy & Pauline Swanson (Painting and Woodworking)

Best Student Artwork ($100): Nolan Wallsten (Hutchinson High School)

Awards of Exellence ($100 ea.):

– Kayann Ausherman (Mixed Media)

– Donovan Claassen (Woodworking)

– Virgil Penner (Acrylic Painting)

– Dave Hilley (Pottery)

– Donald Lind (Sculpture)

– Lisa Graham (Art Dolls)

– Brenda Ehling Leslie (Mosaic)

– Sheree Collins (Paintings)

– Sara Grant (Drawing)

Be sure and save the date for next spring’s Art Fair, planned for May 11, 2024.

Artist Talk

This coming Sunday, May 28th, the Hutchinson Art Center will host an Artist Talk with Skip Kreibach at 2 p.m. Skip will share sources of inspiration, medium, and subject matter.

Kreibach’s work, “A View into Realism,” is currently on display in the Art Center’s Main Gallery through June 17th.