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HutchCC Livestock Judging Team Excels at Spring Contests


HUTCHINSON, Kan. – The Hutchinson Community College livestock judging team wrapped up a successful spring with strong team and individual performances at three prestigious events.

The team visited the world-renowned Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in Houston, TX; the North Central Meat Animal Evaluation Contest in West Lafayette, IN; and the Southeastern Livestock Expo in Montgomery, AL.

The team is coached by Kane Austin, Agriculture Instructor.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo















Houston Photo: Front Row (L to R) Emma Balisky, Grande Prairie, Alberta; Ashlyn Robinson, North Platte, NE; Lindsey Lehman, Mt. Vernon, IL; Emmitt Meyring, Jelm, WY; Bridget Weller, Zeeland, MI; and Makayla Talley, Craigsville, VA. Back Row (L to R) Kane Austin, Livestock Judging Coach and Agriculture Instructor; Guy Wright; Ignacio, CO; and Dillon Knepp, Lincolnville, KS.

Team Results

  • 5th Overall
  • 3rd Cattle
  • 4th Reasons
  • 4th Swine

Bridget Weller

  • Junior College All-American Award; awarded to the top 15 individuals for the year based on academic achievement and success at our five major contests.
  • 9th high individual reasons

Lindsey Lehman

  • 3rd high individual overall
  • 5th high individual sheep & goats
  • 7th high individual reasons
  • 8th high individual placings

Emmitt Meyring

  • High individual overall cattle
  • 2nd high individual reasons

Emma Balisky

  • Tied 10th individual swine

Guy Wright

  • 7th individual cattle alternate division

North Central Meat Animal Evaluation Contest – West Lafayette, IN

This is an all-encompassing event where students make live carcass predictions, evaluate wholesale and retail meat cuts in the cooler, and evaluate breeding livestock with the use of performance information. It is a three-part, two-day event involving livestock skills and basic math. The AG108 Class (Principles of Meat Evaluation/Meat Animal Team) applies what they learn in the classroom and in attending labs and practices outside of class to compete in the North Central Meat Animal Evaluation Contest that annually rotates between Purdue University and the University of Illinois as the host. This contest is primarily geared towards senior college and university teams that have access to meats labs and more facilities on their campuses. Therefore, junior college teams competing against these teams are typically at a disadvantage. Hutchinson Community College placed 3rd out of 12 teams, including being the highest placing two-year school/community college and beating several other four-year schools.















NCMAEC Photo: (L to R) Makayla Alexander, Norton, KS; Cassidy Paz, Jetmore, KS; Jamie Geyer, Lisbon, ND; Avery Eckhoff, Manhattan, KS; Colt Blacklock, Dundurn, Saskatchewan; Codee Kopelchuk, Canora, Saskatchewan; Makayla Talley, Craigsville, VA; Emma Balsiky, Grande Prairie, Alberta; Guy Wright, Ignacio, CO; and December Pool, Norwich, KS.

Team Results

  • 3rd Overall (Highest Placing Junior College)
  • 2nd Overall Breeding Animal Division
  • 3rd Overall Market Animal Division
  • 6th Overall Meats Division
  • 2nd Overall Sheep Evaluation
  • 5th Overall Swine Evaluation

Individual Results


  • Makayla Talley – 8th
  • Jamie Geyer – 10th
  • Guy Wright – 11th

Breeding Animal Division:

  • Makayla Talley – 2nd
  • Colt Blacklock – 14th

Market Animal Division:

  • Guy Wright – 3rd
  • Jamie Geyer – 10th

Sheep Evaluation:

  • Guy Wright – 3rd
  • Jamie Geyer – 15th

Southeastern Livestock Expo – Montgomery, AL

LIVESTOCK - SPRING 2023 - SLE 2023 (1)














SLE Photo: (L to R) Ashlyn Robinson; North Platte, NE, Makayla Talley; Craigsville, VA, Emma Balsiky; Grande Prairie, Alberta, Codee Kopelchuk; Canora, Saskatchewan, Dillon Knepp; Lincolnville, KS, Colt Blacklock; Dundurn, Saskatchewan, Emmitt Meyring; Jelm, WY, Guy Wright; Ignacio, CO, Avery Eckhoff; Manhattan, KS, Jamie Geyer; Lisbon, ND, Lindsey Lehman; Mt. Vernon, IL, and December Pool; Norwich, KS.

Team Results


  • High Team Overall
  • High Team Reasons
  • High Team Swine


  • High Team Cattle
  • High Team Sheep/Goats

Individual Results

  • Emmitt Meyring: High Individual Overall, High Individual Cattle, High Individual Swine, High Individual Reasons, 6th Sheep and Goats
  • Codee Kopelchuk: 2nd High Individual Overall, High Individual Sheep and Goats, 2nd Cattle, 4th Reasons
  • Makayla Talley: 3rd High Individual, 2nd Sheep and Goats, 5th Swine, 7th Cattle, 9th Reasons
  • Colt Blacklock: 4th High Individual Overall, 3rd Cattle, 5th Reasons, 7th Swine, 9th Sheep and Goats
  • Jamie Geyer: 5th High Individual Overall, 3rd Sheep and Goats, 5th Cattle, 7th Reasons, 8th Swine
  • Emma Balsiky: 6th High Individual Overall, 2nd Reasons, 2nd Swine, 5th Sheep and Goats, 10th Cattle
  • Lindsey Lehman: 7th High Individual Overall, 3rd Swine, 4th Sheep and Goats, 6th Reasons
  • Ashlyn Robinson: 8th High Individual Overall, 4th Cattle, 6th Swine, 8th Reasons, 10th Sheep and Goats
  • Guy Wright: 9th High Individual Overall, 3rd Reasons, 4th Swine, 6th Cattle
  • Avery Eckhoff: 10th High Individual Overall, 7th Sheep and Goats, 9th Swine, 10th Reasons
  • December Pool: 8th Sheep and Goats, 9th Cattle
  • Dillon Knepp: 8th Cattle, 10th Swine