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HRMC’s Lynsi Giles Receives Prestigious DAISY Award


HUTCHINSON, Kan. – Inpatient Rehabilitation Registered Nurse – Case Manager Lynsi Giles at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center (HRMC) has received the prestigious DAISY award.

Read an excerpt from the nomination: “Both of my parents were sick the first week of March. Dad was admitted to the hospital on March 5, and Mom was admitted on March 6 — the same day Dad was transferred to Hospice House due to his quickly deteriorating condition. My mom’s nurse, Lynsi, called me to see if I would approve a special visit for Mom to go visit Dad at the Hospice House. Lynsi arranged the visit and Mom was able to spend time with Dad before he passed a mere three hours later. We can never measure how much this meant to not only them, but our entire family.”

Congratulations, Lynsi, on this well-deserved recognition.

Read the full story of the nomination:

Have you or a loved one experienced or witnessed extraordinary, compassionate care at the hands of a Hutchinson Regional Medical Center nurse? Nominate that special nurse for the DAISY Award. Learn more about the DAISY Award or nominate a registered nurse: