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Highlights from Feb. 13 City of McPherson Commission Meeting


By Lucky Kidd


McPHERSON, Kan. — The McPherson City Commission has approved allocation of $60,000 in special drug and alcohol tax funds to four organizations. An advisory board earlier this month reviewed requests from Central Kansas Foundation for outpatient services, Omega Project for drug and alcohol addiction counseling, Prairie View for outpatient services, and DARE/ADIS for wages, supplies and ADIS training.

The board recommended and Commissioners approved funding the full $25,000request from CKF and 20 thousand dollars for Omega Project, $10,000 of the just over $11,000 sought for DARE/ADIS, and half of the $10,000 Prairie View requested. While the amount allocated exceeds revenue collected, the current account balance is around $115,000..

Commissioners approved submission of a request for a time extension on a 2022 CDBG housing grant. Four homes have been rehabilitated through the grant which currently is set to expire March 14th. However, a number of property owners have expressed interest in the program, and a local college may also be interested in funds from this grant, which was intended to fund ten rehabilitation projects. The target area for the grant is between Avenues A and F from both sides of Walnut west to the Railroad tracks.

Approval was given for a payment of $6,683.84 to Travelers Insurance for an auto liability claim from last September. This involved an accident involving a fire department vehicle where the city was found liable, and that claim is to be paid from the Fire Department’s reserve for loss funds.

The Commission approved a just over $13,000 payment to Hutton Construction on the new North Main Fire Station covering costs connected with material procurement, utility coordination, and that sort, along with purchase of an IP based security camera system for the Municipal Center.

For the Public Lands and Facilities Department the Commission approved purchase of two zero turn radius mowers and a turbine blower, both off state contract price, from Hometown Power Sports and Hometown Tire and Turf respectively, purchase of a Ford F450 chassis from Midway Motors and a related dump body from Kansas Truck Equipment, annual chemical purchases from several companies for both the Park Department and Turkey Creek Golf Course, and a pavement to Dave Blosser for the annual installation of two new burial items at the McPherson Cemetery.

The Commission approved waiving rental fees for the Community Building for a grant writing workshop hosted by the League of Kansas Municipalities March 28th, in return for allowing city staff to attend it at no charge. It also approved renewed membership for 2024 in the National League of Cities, and approved a request from McPherson Community Theatre for use of the Plaza for a St. Patty’s Day Beer Crawl Fundraiser March 16th along with an access easement agreement with Kansas Municipal Utilities related to a trail that runs across part of the KMU complex at Avenue A and Centennial.

A little bit of work was able to be done on one of the two ongoing city of McPherson projects last week. Public Works Director Jeff Woodard said PLI was able to complete sealing of the rest of the pavement on the Deerfield Village subdivision project, All that remains to finish this project is the installation of trickle channel, backfill and cleanup, and that is being held up by it still being too wet. That is also holding up seeding work that would finish up the reconstruction of the 900 block of Wheeler.

Commissioners approved a job description for an assistant administrative support supervisor for the police department, who would handle a number of duties that would allow officers spend more time on the street, and approved a change in a park department position from park custodian to park maintenance worker which would allow more flexible use of that person along with a conditional job offer for that position, Also approved was a seasonal hiring for Turkey Creek Golf Course.