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HHS Choirs Offer Singing Valentines


HUTCHINSON, Kan. – The Expressives and Harmonics choirs at Hutchinson High School will travel to perform Singing Valentines on Valentine’s Day.

The HHS choir groups will travel to perform special serenades on Tuesday, February 14, 2023. Singing Valentines are available to the public, and are $20 each. 

“We do the Singing Valentines as our annual fundraiser by using our talents to help others share a personal valentine with their someone special.  We will go to the person and give them one single red rose as we sing a special song for them. The groups love to sing out in public,” said Roger Wilson, Choir Director at Hutchinson High School. 

To schedule a Singing Valentine, please contact Roger Wilson at [email protected], or call 785-406-0370.