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Healthy Neighborhood Initiative Unveils New Logo Symbolizing Unity and Community Spirit


By Hutch Rec


HUTCHINSON, Kan. — The Healthy Neighborhood Initiative, a program of the Neighborhood Development division of Hutch Rec, is proud to unveil its new logo, a symbol of unity and partnership that embodies the collaborative efforts of Hutch Rec, the City of Hutchinson, and residents. The logo features two converging circles with a home at the center, representing community, collaboration, and the coming together of diverse elements to create a unified whole through the initiative’s impactful work.

“We are happy to introduce our new logo, which is a visual representation of the partnership and collaboration at the core of the Healthy Neighborhood Initiative,” said Tony Finlay, Executive Director at Hutch Rec.

The logo launch comes as the initiative prepares to share success stories of its eight featured neighborhoods: SW Bricktown, Grace Arbor, Creekside, College Grove, Farmington Park, The Founders Neighborhood, Midtown, and the area surrounding Lincoln-McCandless Elementary. Each neighborhood has unique achievements and contributions to the overall community spirit and healthy living in Hutchinson.

On January 27 and February 3, these neighborhoods will host their Annual Meetings where residents will set future goals, discuss funding for projects, and plan neighborhood activities. Dates, times, and locations for these meetings can be found on the Healthy Neighborhood Initiative’s Facebook page. Both residents and community members are encouraged to attend.

Currently, the Healthy Neighborhood Initiative is actively seeking participation from residents in the Lincoln-McCandless Elementary area. Residents are invited to begin the process of selecting a name for the neighborhood, and sign design for the area. The initiative would also like to engage neighbors in discussions about future goals. Those interested are encouraged to contact Adam Stewart at [email protected].

“We believe that community involvement is key to the success of our initiative, and we invite residents to actively participate in shaping the future of their neighborhoods,” said Denice Gilliland, Neighborhood Development Manager at Hutch Rec.

For more information about the Healthy Neighborhood Initiative and its ongoing projects, visit or follow us on Facebook: Healthy Neighborhood Initiative.

About Healthy Neighborhood Initiative: The Healthy Neighborhood Initiative is a collaborative effort between Hutch Rec, the City of Hutchinson, and residents to inspire community spirit and promote healthy living spaces. The initiative focuses on fostering community, collaboration, and unity to create vibrant and connected neighborhoods in Hutchinson.