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Great Bend Economic Development Awards the Zarah with Loft Grant and Introduces New Incentive Program


GREAT BEND, Kan. – Great Bend Economic Development (GBED) recently announced the selection of the next recipient of the Loft Grant, a program aimed at revitalizing the upper levels in Great Bend’s downtown area. The award presentation will take place during a Press Conference on June 21st at 10:00 a.m., located at the southeastern corner of Main Street and Lakin Avenue. The Zarah, an impressive development in Great Bend’s historic downtown district, will be granted the Loft Grant to support the creation of 24 new residential units, contributing to the growth and vibrancy of downtown Great Bend.

In addition to honoring the Zarah project, GBED will unveil a new incentive program designed to assist Barton County homeowners. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by homeowners with older properties, GBED’s new program aims to provide the necessary support to enhance these residences.

One of the existing programs offered by GBED is Brush Up Barton County, which provides grants for paint and supplies to eligible homeowners for exterior painting projects. Online applications for Brush Up Barton County can be accessed at With a dedicated annual budget of $5,000, GBED is able to allocate up to $1,000 per project, helping homeowners enhance the visual appeal and preservation of their properties.

However, GBED understands that aging homes often require additional assistance beyond exterior paint. The newly introduced incentive program will go beyond the scope of Brush Up Barton County. By providing increased resources and incentives, GBED aims to have a profound impact on the preservation and revitalization of homes throughout the county.