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Over $12M Awarded to Fall 2023 KDOT Cost Share Projects


By the Kansas Office of the Governor


TOPEKA, Kan. — Governor Laura Kelly and Transportation Secretary Calvin Reed announced today that more than $12 million state dollars will be awarded to 16 transportation construction projects across Kansas through the Kansas Department of Transportation’s Cost Share Program for fall 2023. This investment will leverage $7.2 million in community matching dollars for a total investment of over $19 million.

“No one can better pinpoint a community’s transportation needs than the people who actually live and work there,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “That’s why we’ve partnered with local communities to invest a total of $19 million in projects that will improve safety, support job retention, relieve congestion, and make it easier to travel across the state.”

The Cost Share Program was created as part of the Kelly administration’s Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program, or IKE.

Joining Governor Kelly and Secretary Reed for the announcement were representatives from Atchinson and Pottawatomie counties and the City of Baldwin City, all among the funding recipients in this round of Cost Share awards. Each spoke of the program’s benefits to their respective communities.

Enhancements supported in this ninth round of Cost Share included county road improvements, bridge repairs, and safety improvements for roadways and walkways. With financial assistance from KDOT’s Kansas Active Transportation Enhancement (KATE), Cost Share was able to fund extra bike/ped projects and extend the reach of the program.

“It was very much evident during KDOT’s recent Local Consult listening tour how much the Cost Share program is appreciated across the state,” said Secretary Reed. “Kansans acknowledge how much Cost Share has resulted in much-needed and impactful community-based improvement projects.”

Secretary Reed noted the Cost Share program has invested nearly $140 million in state funding toward 165 projects since the program was founded in the fall of 2019. An additional $100 million in matching local funds has been contributed.

Fall 2023 Cost Share recipients are:

  • City of Abilene – 14th Street and North Van Buren Street intersection
  • City of Baldwin City – U.S. 56– Pedestrian Crossing Safety improvements
  • City of Deerfield – Main Street reconstruction project
  • City of Halstead – North Street reconstruction and sidewalk improvements
  • City of Harper – Ash and Walnut streets restoration
  • City of Haysville – South Broadway pedestrian pathway project
  • City of Hillsboro – Adams Street improvements
  • City of Jennings – Chip seal city streets
  • City of Parsons – Main Street sidewalk replacement
  • City of Salina – West Magnolia Road – Phase 1
  • City of Syracuse – New Syracuse Street signs
  • Atchison County – Ottawa Road (RS 21) roadway rehabilitation and safety improvements
  • Brown County – 270th Street rehabilitation
  • Clark and Comanche Counties – Clark and Comanche Counties pavement improvement project
  • Pottawatomie County – Louisville Road bridge over Rock Creek
  • Russell County – Hell Creek Bridge (FAS 420) – Overlay and repairs

A map of this round of Cost Share projects can be found here.

More information about KDOT’s Cost Share Program is on KDOT’s website at