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Give 365: A Way YOU Can Help Solve The Funding Gap


By McPherson County Community Foundation


McPHERSON COUNTY, Kan. (April 4, 2024) — McPherson County Community Foundation’s last article shared how Mastermind McPherson County categories and priorities can be applied to the regular grants cycle. While the organization would like to fund every request that could have a community impact, it is still limited by funding. During the fiscal year 2022-23, MCCF received over $1.2 million in grant requests and was able to release $575,342 over that span, leaving a $645,232 funding gap countywide.

What is the answer to solving this gap? Give365.

Give365 is a gifting program originally started as an entry-level program for those just getting familiar with the foundation. Give $1 each day to the foundation ($365 a year) and join other members in deciding what the pooled funding will support. A great concept, but with the growing funding gap, the program can be tweaked to further impact communities in McPherson County.

Think about it like this: If 1% of McPherson County gave $365 annually to the foundation what would that look like?

300 people giving $365 annually = $109,500 towards the gap.

Take half and add it to the dream fund endowment to expand the foundation’s granting capacity, while the other half goes directly towards current grant requests under $5,000. A concept that not only can provide immediate funding for requests today but can also start to close that overall funding gap over time.

With the change, this means that the program will no longer have any time commitments, such as committee meetings or application reviews. Just donate $365 to the Give365 fund and the foundation will take care of the rest!

This is the best way for our community members to make a significant impact, by operating as a collective rather than an individual.

MCCF’s first goal is to reach 100 Give365 donors before the Philanthropist of the Year ceremony in November. Interested in the program? Click here to donate today, or give us a call at 620-241-9070 if you have any questions!