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Field Survey Set for K-11 Bridge Replacement in Reno County


By the Kansas Department of Transportation


RENO COUNTY, Kan. — A field survey for a proposed bridge replacement on K-11 in Reno County is expected to begin around Monday, March 4.

The proposed bridge replacement would be over a tributary to Goose Creek, under the intersection of K-11 and Sun City Road, about 5.7 miles south of the K-61 junction. The approximate survey length is 2,000 feet. The survey is based on the existing alignment.

The survey will gather information needed for detailed design of the proposed improvement and is estimated to be completed by April 12.

A member of the survey crew first will contact property owners and/or tenants for permission to enter private property. Survey activities will include the use of survey instruments on the ground to determine locations of existing features within the survey corridor.

Joe Bowen, P.S., Survey Project Manager, KDOT, will be in charge of this survey for the Kansas Department of Transportation.

The map shows the project location using a red arrow (at bottom right quadrant of the map).