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False Report Prompts Police Response & Lockdown In Area


By the City of Great Bend


GREAT BEND, Kan. — The Great Bend Police Department, the Barton County Sheriff’s Office and the Kansas Highway Patrol responded to a call for a man with a gun today at The Center for Counseling. Upon thorough investigation, it was determined that the initial information was incorrect.

The initial report prompted swift action from law enforcement, who arrived on the scene promptly to assess the situation and ensure the safety of individuals in the vicinity. As a precautionary measure, the area was placed under lockdown until authorities could ascertain the validity of the report and confirm the absence of any threat to public safety.

Following a comprehensive search and examination of the premises, it was confirmed that there was no individual with a gun at The Center for Counseling, it was determined that the individual had a clip on his belt that was mistakenly believed to be a gun. Subsequently, the lockdown was lifted, and normal activities have resumed in the area.

“We take all reports of potential threats to public safety very seriously,” stated Great Bend Police Chief Steve Haulmark, “In this instance, our officers responded swiftly and efficiently to ensure the safety of everyone involved.” The Chief would like to remind the public to exercise caution and discretion when reporting incidents and to refrain from spreading unverified information, particularly on social media platforms. False reports not only strain law enforcement resources but also have the potential to incite panic and anxiety within the community.

The Great Bend Police Department remains committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents and visitors and will continue to respond swiftly and effectively to any reports of suspicious activity or potential threats.