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Evergy Energy Solutions and The Monarch Cement Company Break Ground on Innovative Solar Project


By Evergy


HUMBOLDT, Kan.  — The Monarch Cement Company and Evergy Energy Solutions have embarked on a groundbreaking solar project that is set to serve as a model for the cement industry’s adoption of renewable energy.  

On April 17, officials from Evergy Energy Solutions gathered on Monarch’s property in Humboldt, Kansas for the groundbreaking of a new facility that aims to generate 20 megawatts (MW) of clean electricity.  

The solar project is designed to offset a significant portion of Monarch’s energy consumption, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It will supply approximately 20% of Monarch’s power from solar annually (approx. 35 million kWh). 

The project will combine state-of-the-art 670 W panels on a single axis tracker system with cutting-edge energy management technology. 

It will also lead to future energy savings. The solar project’s impact on carbon offset is equivalent to planting 404,294 tree seedlings over a decade and offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions from 2,751,283 gallons of gasoline consumption. 

“In this groundbreaking venture, we are making a giant movement toward achieving our sustainability goals, being socially responsible, and providing a more than significant return on investment to our shareholders” said Kent A. Webber, President of The Monarch Cement Company. “Evergy Energy Solutions has done an incredible job of leading and providing solutions at every obstacle. We couldn’t be happier with Evergy Energy Solutions’ performance, professionalism, and command of the subject.” 

Travis Young, Evergy Energy Solutions, emphasized the shared commitment to fostering a sustainable energy landscape and noted “This collaboration exemplifies how businesses can lead the way in adopting cleaner energy alternatives while contributing to a more sustainable world.” 

Evergy Energy Solutions (EES) provided a full-service project team (engineers, procurement, and construction) to make this solar project a turnkey installation and a customized solution for Monarch. 

The partnership between Monarch and EES underscores their dedication to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.  

The solar project is scheduled for completion in April 2025, showcasing how renewable energy can lead to a more sustainable future while also providing strong financial benefits. 

About The Monarch Cement Company:

The Monarch Cement Company is a leading cement manufacturer committed to excellence in producing high-quality cement products. With a strong focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility, Monarch is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact and contributing positively to the communities it serves.  

About Evergy Energy Solutions:

Evergy Energy Solutions is a forward-thinking renewable energy development company focused on creating sustainable solutions for a brighter future. With expertise in solar and other clean energy technologies, Evergy Energy Solutions partners with organizations to implement environmentally conscious energy solutions tailored to their unique needs.