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EPA to Permit More Ethanol Sales


UNDATED (HPM) – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has granted a request to allow several midwestern states to sell gasoline with 15% ethanol year-round. But the new rules don’t take effect until the summer of 2024.

Troy Bredenkamp is the vice president of public policy for the Renewable Fuels Association, an ethanol trade group. He’s happy about the ruling but frustrated by the delay.

“It’s just very unfortunate and disappointing to see the one-year delay because it leaves a lot of retailers in the lurch in terms of what to do this summer,” he said.

Bredenkamp says his group has started lobbying the Biden administration for a waiver that would allow E-15 to be sold immediately.

Ethanol producers are a major customer for Kansas Corn. The state’s 12 ethanol plants produce more than 600 million gallons of ethanol fuel annually.