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Dry Lake Brewing: Crafting More Than Just Beer for a Cause


By Dry Lake Brewing


GREAT BEND, Kan. — In the spirit of community and charity, Dry Lake Brewing stepped up in a remarkable way at the 18th Annual Sunflower Diversified Services Charity Gala. They offered a one of a kind “Brew with a Brewmaster” package, which granted a unique experience to not only brew a beer but to leave a personal stamp by naming it and taking home a growler of their very own creation. This generous donation became a highlight at the event, contributing significantly to the largest fundraiser of the year for Sunflower Diversified Services, Inc.

Sunflower Diversified Services is committed to advocating for, supporting, and teaching individuals with developmental and intellectual delays and/or disabilities. Their unwavering goal is to empower these individuals to reach their full potential and achieve the highest level of independence possible. The annual gala is not just a fundraiser; it’s a vital part of ensuring that the day-to-day needs of children and adults with disabilities are met, especially when they are not covered by insurance.

“We are so grateful to Dry Lake Brewing with all of the support they have given Sunflower Diversified, from even before they opened their doors until now, they have been so amazing to work with and have given us so many opportunities to fundraise for this great organization.” – Cody Harris Director of Planned Giving and Community Support

When asked about their motivation to bid on the “Brew with Dry Lake” package, Joe and Montara shared that their appreciation for Dry Lake Brewing’s craft and their commitment to the community were the perfect pairing. Their enthusiasm for Sunflower’s mission and the positive impact it has on the local community resonated with their love for craft beer, making it an easy decision.

Landing on brewing a Fruited Hazy IPA was a harmonious compromise between Joe’s preference for a robust IPA and Montara’s fondness for a fruity flavor profile. The resulting beer is a testament to their shared tastes and shines a light on the collaborative spirit of the brewing process.

“The brewing experience was incredible. We learned so much about all that goes into creating a good brew. We definitely have a next level appreciation for each beer we drink at Dry Lake, knowing all of the time, care, and science that goes into it.” – Montara Pfannenstiel

Pfanny Pack2

The final product, affectionately named “Pfanny Pack,” is a Mango Passion Fruit Smoothie IPA. It stands as a witty homage to their family name, and a promise of good times accompanied by great brews. The couple extended heartfelt thanks to Kevin, Dry Lake Brewing’s Head Brewer, for his dedication and hard work.

Dry Lake Brewing has pledged to donate a portion of the sales from “Pfanny Pack” back to Sunflower Diversified Services. This will aid in furthering the organization’s mission and support future projects, illustrating that Dry Lake Brewing’s role in the community goes beyond the beer taps — it’s about pouring foundations for a better future.

Pfanny Pack Mango Passion Fruit Smoothie IPA Releases Thursday, April 25th. Available while supplies last.