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Downtown Hutch Master Plan


By the City of Hutchinson


HUTCHINSON, Kan. — The City Council will receive a presentation on the Downtown Hutch Master Plan on Tuesday June 18th. On June 11th, The Planning Commission reviewed the plan and unanimously recommended approval.

The Downtown Hutch Master plan is a high-level, long-range planning document that will be used to guide policy over the next 20 years. Like the Comprehensive Plan, the Downtown Hutch Master plan assesses infrastructure, land use, and transportation, but also includes an emphasis on economic development, tourism and entertainment.

Matt Williams, Director of Community Development said, “Downtown has seen a huge transformation over the last 20 years with over $70 million in private investment. The Master plan is a vision and a roadmap for the future. More of a starting point than a destination.”

With funding from the City and private citizens, the plan was initiated in 2022. The planning process was guided by a technical committee, multiple community meetings,
and over 800 survey responses. The result was a plan that envisions Downtown Hutch as a thriving and dynamic heart to the community. Focus areas of the plan include land
use, transportation, public spaces, programming, and operations.

A technical committee will continue to meet to ensure progress is made on the plan. The technical committee has representatives from the Hutchinson Community Foundation, Hutch Chamber, City of Hutchinson, Hutch Rec, and Startup Hutch.

“Making progress on the future of downtown will take a whole-of-community approach, and everyone is invited to participate,” Williams states. “This is just the beginning.”