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DocTalk with Dr. Grace Strella rescheduled for Nov. 6


By McPherson Center for Health


McPHERSON, Kan. — McPherson Center for Health is announcing that the “DocTalk” with Dr. Grace Strella previously scheduled in October has been rescheduled for Monday, Nov. 6 at noon at The Cedars Conference Center at 1019 Cedars Drive.

She will share a presentation called “Rest Assured: Sleep Hygiene for Adults.”  At this event, she will explore key components of effective sleep hygiene, providing evidence-based advice to help achieve a restful night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Dr. Strella will also help participants unlock the secrets to a good night’s sleep, gain an understanding of the science behind it, and discover practical tips and strategies to transform sleep patterns and overall well-being.

Participants are welcome to bring a lunch. Drinks will be provided. This event is free and open to the public!