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Dina Brislin Appointed to Fill South Hutchinson Council Vacancy


SOUTH HUTCHINSON, Kan. – Mayor Brian Garretson’s appointment of Dina Brislin to the South Hutchinson city council was confirmed on a unanimous vote last night. Her appointment returns the Council back to full strength following the resignation of Councilman Jeff Schenk who was hired to become the new city administrator.

“I love our community and I am committed to serving and helping to make it better,” Councilwoman Brislin stated. “I enjoy being the best mother, wife, and supporter of my community and I am really excited about the future.”

Brislin is a wife and mother to 6 children. She has lived in South Hutchinson since August 2022.

Given the timing of the recent filing period for the upcoming city council elections this year, Mayor Garretson felt it made the most sense to appoint one of the candidates to fill the vacancy. Brislin was the only female candidate and now becomes the only female member of the council since Megan Weber resigned her seat last year. Prior to Weber, the last female member of the Council was former mayor Mandi Blumanhourst who served from 2012-2019.

“She represents a different voice and offers an entirely unique perspective on the council as a mother,” Garretson said. “Additionally, her work expertise in the insurance industry and previous work experience in human resources and finance will benefit our future discussions on the budget and related issues.”

Despite being appointed to the City Council, Brislin still must win her November election to retain her spot. There are three seats up for election and a total of four candidates. The other three candidates are Alvie Lohr, Kyle Cokeley, and the lone incumbent, John Fairbanks.