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Community Joins in Raising Funds for Inman Motocross Family After Saturday Tragedy


By Ad Astra News


McPHERSON, COUNTY, Kan. — A mother, Felecia Richey (31) and her two sons Tison (13) and Bentley (10) were discovered in their camper on Saturday, Sept. 16 at the Inman Motocross grounds by McPherson Sheriff Deputies and it was shared by relatives later on social media that they had tragically died due to carbon monoxide poisoning. It was mentioned in national news that Felecia was also expecting.

The community quickly started raising funds for the surviving family members; the father, Jason Richey and the youngest son Grason (3). 

On Sunday, the Inman Motocross held a benefit race for Jason and the community has since started using the hashtag #311strong as well in support of the family. 

Yesterday, Sept. 20, MotoMom Media, a photographer and a motocross mom who knew the Richey family in passing through the local racing circuit, shared that the tragedy struck her as well as many others in the community close to heart since her boys are the same age as the Richey’s.

“Home is a feeling, not a place. Today, Moto community, we humbly ask that you take them home. Lift the Richey family high – in your thoughts, in your prayers, in your love. Donate to help support Jason and Grason,” she said.  “When you close up that toy hauler door this weekend, remember to check your monitor’s batteries. Kiss your Little Racer on their forehead – even if they’re big and they pretend they don’t want you to. Tell them how much you love them. Tell them how proud you are of them. Tell them you never for one second take this precious life with them for granted- because we know all too well how the sun rises every day, but we are not guaranteed the same luxury.”


Links for donations to Jason and Grason Richey:


Information about Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and how to prevent it (provided by MotoMom Media)…/