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Closing of Limb and Brush Drop Sites


 By the City of Hutchinson


HUTCHINSON, Kan. — The limb and brush drop sites will be closing permanently effective Friday, June 14th. Residents are encouraged to utilize the Reno County Landfill for limb and brush disposal from this date onward.

In just ten days, the Public Works Department cleared 5,837 cubic yards of storm debris, equivalent to 449 dump truck loads, from our community. This significant effort saw the
following daily contributions:

  • 48 loads on 5/22 and 46 loads on 5/23
  • 31 loads on 5/24 and 77 loads on 5/28
  • 67 loads on 5/29 and 46 loads on 5/30
  • 29 loads on 5/31
  •  40 loads on 6/3
  • 38 loads on 6/4
  • 27 loads on 6/5

The Inspections Department will resume code enforcement for storm debris violations starting on July 1. Property owners must clear any remaining storm debris to comply with the Municipal code, ensuring public safety and community cleanliness. Non- compliance may result in fines. For more information, contact the Building and Neighborhood Services Department at 620.694.2630.

We appreciate your cooperation and urge residents to promptly use the Reno County Landfill for disposal needs.