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City of McPherson’s North Main Fire Station Groundbreaking to Take Place Dec. 12


By Lucky Kidd


McPHERSON, Kan. — Groundbreaking for the new North Main fire station in McPherson will take place Dec. 12. Mayor Tom Brown announced the date for that during Tuesday’s City Commission meeting. Time and other details will be announced at a later date.

During the meeting Commissioners accepted a $1,589 grant from ONEOK to purchase a buddy phone package for the Fire Department’s dive team, which will allow communications with team members during incidents, of which there have been three this year. Also accepted was a $1,000 grant from Williams Energy to go toward a purchase of hazmat communications equipment., allowing intercom use while personnel are in level A hazmat suits.

A bidding policy for the Public Works department was approved. Public Works Director Jeff Woodard said this is connected with a recent moderate income housing grant, which requires either a written policy or prior approval for sole source purchases, the written policy drafted by City Attorney Jeff Houston viewed as a much easier process. Approval was also given for a $9,174.55 design contract with Alfred Benesch and Company for repairs to a box culvert at the west entrance to McPherson High School. This cost is expected to be covered in part by insurance.

The Commission approved signing of documents related to a $141,000 CDBG Coronavirus Response Program Grant, which will funds technology infrastructure upgrades for private businesses to promote resiliency and health economic recovery from the pandemic, This includes both grant documents and an administration agreement with Ranson Financial Group.

The Commission approved payment of a $3,300 invoice from Jim’s Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning for annual winterization work at the McPherson Water Park including any needed repairs, and authorized disposal of various surplus items from the Public Lands and Facilities Department.

Commissioners agreed to allow construction to start on a decorative wall for the south side of the Veranda West subdivision while documents related to it are prepared. Public Works Director Jeff Woodard and Veranda developer Glenn Hoover reached an agreement through which the city will sell to Hoover a portion of right of way in exchange for a permanent easement needed for a drainage structure in the development. This action will allow construction to start while documents are being finalized.

A Public Hearing for Dec. 19 has been set for amendments to the city’s 2023 budget. Interim City Administrator Daniella Rivas said the amendments involve two line items for the Library Fund to allow some cushion as the year comes to an end and allow transfer of prior year property taxes to the library before the end of 2023. Also, to be amended is the Municipal Building line item to cover roof repairs that were not completed or billed until this year, and the CID and golf course budgets to reflect additional revenue and expense.

Director of Public Lands and Facilities Wayne Burns was appointed to the McPherson Recreation Commission. Burns will fill the remainder of the term of former City Administrator Nick Gregory, which runs through next July.

Commissioners also approved allocation of ten thousand dollars in surplus sales tax revenues to the McPherson Museum for their Native American Exhibit and a like amount to the McPherson Opera House.