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City of McPherson Approves Incentive Program for Water Park Employees


Highlights from the City of McPherson Commission Meeting Aug. 1

By Lucky Kidd


McPHERSON, Kan. On Aug. 1, the McPherson City Commission Tuesday approved a 2023-24 agreement with USD 418 for school crossing guards and crossing guard supervisor. Under the agreement the school district will pick up about half of the nearly 53 thousand dollar cost for the guards.

Commissioners also approved school resource officer agreements with USD 418 for McPherson High School and McPherson Middle School and an additional payment of just over 500 dollars to place new prisoner cages in two patrol vehicles recently purchased. The cages that originally were ordered are not available and the Police Department had to go to a different version for a higher cost, along with adding a new control box because an existing one was not longer reliable.

Approval of an expenditure of just over $2,500 to replace tires on the Fire Department’s Rescue 1 was approved by McPherson City Commissioners Tuesday. That unit had a tire blowout last month when returning from Great Bend. They were able to get a loaner tire, and at that time it was found all four tires were well past NFPA and DOT regulations, as they were made in 2010. They should be replaced every seven years. J-Wood Tires of Lyons, which provided the loaner, will replace all six tires on the rescue unit. Fire Chief TJ Wyssman said the age and condition of the tires was not noted during a recent DOT inspection, and he noted the person who did the inspection is no longer with the entity that did the inspection.

An incentive program for employees of the McPherson Water Park was approved by City Commissioners Tuesday. Among the incentives are bonus payments based on the number of hours worked and if they are able to work through the closing of the water park for the year as a means to retain staffing through the summer. The Water Park also covers the cost of completing lifeguard certification classes, and uniforms and other job specific equipment which are the employees to keep at the end of employment along with a number of other perks. During the meeting the Commission also approved an end of year swim party Sunday August 13th, with ten dollar per family admission up to seven people along with free sno-cones and small regular slushes. This is part of the Fidelity Days project to encourage strengthening of relationships among families and neighbors.

McPherson City Commissioners Tuesday approved moving forward with abatement of a property in the 1200 block of South Chestnut. The property has three inoperable vehicles on it that do not have current registration, and the city has tried to work with the owner of the property to remove the vehicles to no avail. This case was opened in June, 2022. Bids were sought for the removal but only one was submitted, for $1,250 from Dacus Towing which was accepted.

Two items connected with the upcoming reconstruction of the 900 block of Wheeler and were approved by the McPherson City Commission Tuesday. The purchase of inlets and pipe needed for the project, were approved, and are being purchased for $12,652.63 from McPherson Concrete. If cash flow and street crew time permits, this project could be done this year. Also connected to this project is removal of four trees, which will be done by Walton Tree Service for a cost of $2,448.50. Approval was also given to material purchase for curb and street repairs at two locations on Sunset Drive, work to be done by city crews, and the agreement with McPherson County related to sharing of crack sealing equipment.

The Commission approved an extension of completion date for the new Candlewood Suites being constructed near the I-135/Kansas interchange. The hotel part of the project was supposed to be completed by June 30th, but the developer has indicated it should be complete by December 31st. Commissioners also approved payment of $34,826 to DH Home Improvement and South Central Kansas Economic Development District for rehabilitation of two homes on South Chestnut under a Community Development Block Grant, The landlord of the two properties contributed just under $7,600 toward the project.