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City of Hutchinson Launches 2024 SAFE Sidewalk Program


By the City of Hutchinson


HUTCHINSON, Kan. (March 22, 2024) — The City of Hutchinson is thrilled to announce the launch of the 2024 Safer Access for Everyone (SAFE) Sidewalk Program, aimed at enhancing pedestrian safety and accessibility throughout the city. This innovative initiative invites property owners to join hands with the city in creating continuous, hazard-free pedestrian pathways through a cost-sharing plan.

The SAFE Sidewalk Program, open for applications until April 24, 2024, is a collaborative effort between the City of Hutchinson and property owners to install, remove, or replace non-existing and defective concrete sidewalks. This program not only fosters safer access for all but also promotes community cohesion by connecting neighborhoods through accessible pathways.

“By partnering with property owners, we’re taking proactive steps towards creating a more connected and pedestrian-friendly city,” said Mary Grace Clements, Interim City Manager.

To be considered for the Sidewalk Program, interested property owners must meet certain eligibility criteria, including being located within the city limits of Hutchinson and having no outstanding permit violations or indebtedness to the city. Priority will be given to neighborhoods without existing sidewalks, and factors such as proximity to amenities and alignment with the Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan will also be considered.

To make participation more accessible, the city is piloting a new program that covers 50% of the repair costs in collaboration with property owners. This program prioritizes properties outside of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program, particularly those north of 11th Street.

“We encourage all eligible property owners to take advantage of this opportunity to improve pedestrian safety and enhance our communities,” added David Sotelo, Director of Strategic Growth.

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For more information about the SAFE Sidewalk Program, visit or contact [email protected].

Join us in building safer, more accessible communities for everyone.