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City Approves Three of Six Applications Seeking ARPA Funds


HUTCHINSON, Kan. — Three of six applications seeking ARPA funding for housing projects will receive funding approved by the Hutchinson City Council July 19. The city had requests for just under 720 thousand dollars in funding, and since only 591 thousand was available a review committee was formed to look over the proposals and rank them for funding.

200 thousand dollars each was allocated to Lavare Properties for replacement of an existing obsolete chiller system as Leon Place on East 2nd, which will allow for occupancy of additional space targeting low to moderate income housing and the Landmark Apartment project that would rehabilitate the building at 5th and Main to provide 40 apartments. 

New Beginnings was allotted 191 thousand dollars, slightly less than what it sought, for a project to create small homes on former land bank properties in existing neighborhoods, tied into their transitional jobs program as it relates to training for the construction trades. 

Not recommended for funding were requests from Interfaith Housing and Community Services, The Reno County Housing Integration Program of Horizons Mental Health Center and an infill construction project proposed by Shamonya Young.