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Celebrating Noffy’s New Location on North Main


By Brenna Eller


McPHERSON , Kan. — It was a packed house at the Noffy’s Sandwich Shop & Pub Ribbon Cutting Thursday, March 28 as community members, family and friends celebrated the new location at 122 N. Main.

Chad Hitt, McPherson Chamber of Commerce President and McPherson Board of Public Utilities Comptroller welcomed everyone to the ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday. As he asked David “Noffy” Noffsinger to join him, he mentioned how exciting it is to have a restaurant/pub like Noffy’s in the community, right on Main Street. He also shared that it was the first time he had been in the new building since they moved.

“I’m excited about being in this building here,” Hitt said, “We did present the first dollar of profit back in May of 2017, so congratulations on making it here. We love doing additional ribbon cuttings. It just means that things are going extremely well for you, so we appreciate that.”

Hitt thanked Noffy’s on behalf of the Chamber for being a part of the McPherson community and wished them continued success.

Noffsinger “Noffy” shared that it has been a long road getting to where they are today.

“We will be open in McPherson seven years in May,” Noffsinger said. “Sometimes it seems like twenty, sometimes it seems like a year. It’s been crazy.”

He thanked those who have supported him in his journey so far including his wife and co-owner Lisa, their staff, (especially Adam and Tyler who have been with them since the beginning), and countless family and friends for their verbal and physical support.

Noffsinger said a lot of blood, sweat and tears have been put into the building, and although it was a bit of a battle, they made it and really felt the support from the community during the process.

“We’ve been through a lot in the last few years,” Noffsinger said. “We’ve made it through the pandemic, made it through red tape and we’ve made it through opening a small business in a small town, which is a hard thing to do, especially to keep it open.”

He added that because of the community, they have been able to create what he would call “an institution” in McPherson.

“It’s a very unique community that comes in and out of this place every day. From the staff and families and customers, people have come and gone. Babies have been born, friends and family have passed away,” Noffsinger said. “Seven years is a short time, but it’s a long time too and we appreciate everyone. We appreciate your continued support. Here’s to the next few decades.”

Ad Astra Radio’s Rob Mackey asked Noffy to go back to a time before the restaurant and whether it was a dream he had before he decided to pursue it.

“We kind of fell into it,” Noffy said. “My background in work experience is mostly in restaurants.”

Noffy said he worked in the music industry, more specifically in music publishing, but it didn’t pay so he bartended and served tables at night.

“I started at Dairy Queen here in McPherson when I was fourteen,” Noffsinger replied. “Have always worked in restaurants. My wife worked in restaurants her whole life. Her family owns restaurants. It’s our background.”

He shared that the pub was a combination of everything they loved about different restaurants, experiences, food and environments they loved and the community they wanted to create stemmed from their shared experiences as well.

“My wife is from South Jersey, east of Philadelphia,” Noffsinger said, “So that’s where the sandwiches come from. The bread is from Philadelphia.”

They make true Italian Hoagies and aim to offer a unique atmosphere for their customers. The idea for the charcuterie boards was something they always wanted as a fun community food option to stimulate conversation, so a group can order a board to share and gather together. They also wanted to establish a “pub community” built on regulars, with the same faces and same people coming and going.

Chamber Ambassador Emilie Rains said, “I know Noffy’s is a favorite for Bluestem PACE staff. If there is something we’re celebrating or just community within the Bluestem PACE.”

Rains added that Noffy’s is a unique place. And out of the multiple counties and cities that Bluestem PACE serves, McPherson has a community that stands out among others.

“Thank you for being a part of that,” Rains said.

With the new building location, there has also been new hires to the Noffy’s team.

“A big focus of ours from the beginning has been good customer service,” Noffsinger said. “People are so important to what we do. We want to take care of our pub staff and our community.”

McPherson Main Street Board President Ben Coffey congratulated Noffy’s on their new location and thanked them on behalf of McPherson Main Street for being in the community and for setting a good example for other businesses.

“For those of us that have watched you the last few years and how you’ve grown, there doesn’t seem to be anything you don’t do well,” Coffey said. “You typically exemplify excellence at everything.”

Mayor Tom Brown also congratulated the Noffsingers and their staff on the new location. He also shared hopes for more successful restaurants in the downtown McPherson area.

Noffy’s is well known for their East Coast style and traditional Italian hoagies as well as serving local beers and signature cocktails, which you can find on their menu either on the Noffy’s Facebook page or their website.

Noffy’s is open Wednesday through Sunday 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. and closed Monday and Tuesday. For carry out, call 620-242-1209.