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Building of County Seat Bar and Grill and Yeraldi’s Boutique Partially Collapses Sunday, Damage also Reported to Aaron Johnson’s Shelter Insurance


By Lucky Kidd


LYONS, Kan. — The rear of a two-story building on the north side of the Square in Lyons partially collapsed Sunday. Lyons City Administrator Eddy Truelove told Ad Astra News late Sunday afternoon the collapse was reported to Rice County 911 at about 10 AM. Emergency crews checked the building and it was vacant at the time.

The building housed County Seat Bar and Grill and Yeraldi’s Boutique, the collapse centered on the upper level of the side where the boutique was housed. Damage was also reported to Aaron Johnson’s Shelter Insurance office.

Also impacted was Brew 56 west of the insurance office, whose co-owner Leon Boyea told Ad Astra News they did have some dust issues, but a structural engineer will take a look at that building. There were people in Brew 56 earlier in the morning, but they had left before the collapse was reported.

Brew 56 will be closed today until they get clearance to re-open. In a Facebook posting Sunday they pointed out while damage to their business as of now was not significant, others have suffered extensively, and encouraged the community to join in prayers for those whose business and livelihood has been affected and give thanks that no injuries were reported.

A structural engineer from Kansas Task Force 5 in Winfield consulted with city officials Sunday afternoon, and is expected to be on site today.

Truelove said they received a lot of outside help in response to the collapse, including assistance from Rice, Barton and Pratt County Emergency Management, Rice and Barton County Public Works, Kansas Department of Transportation, and the Kansas Highway Patrol. Numerous citizens also provided food and water to responders. Truelove said the city’s response will likely last for several weeks.

A mile section of US 56, or Main Street, was closed with traffic diverted at Grand and Century Roads into late afternoon. Main Street was re-opened late Sunday afternoon, but traffic on the north side of the square is limited to one lane as the area in front of the partially collapsed building and the buildings adjoining on either side has been fenced off.

Sunday’s partial collapse of a building on the north side of the Square in Lyons was the 3rd such incident in the last just over seven years. In June 2016 part of a wall came of the former Hearts and Hands building on the west side of the Square, which took some time to get demolished due to insurance issues. When that building was finally demolished, damage occurred that would ultimately led to demolition of a building to the south.

There was also a partial collapse of a building on the south side of the square a few years ago, though that was able to be repaired.

Lyons collapse rear view
Rear view of the partially collapsed building.
Lyons Collapse barricades
Barricades put up due to the building collapse.