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Buhler USD 313 Awarded Six KSDE Star Awards


By USD 313 Buhler Public Schools


BUHLER, Kan. — Buhler Unified School District 313 (USD 313) has been honored with a total of six Kansas Department of Education (KSDE) Star Awards. This recognition celebrates the district’s dedication to success in the outcome measures that Kansans value. These outcomes are categorized as either quantitative or qualitative measures.

The KSDE Star Recognition Program, underpinned by Kansans’ vision for education, celebrates district success in outcome measures that matter most to the community and state. Receiving any color of award shows dedication to meeting and exceeding both the quantitative and qualitative expectations for educational excellence.

Buhler USD 313 received the following KSDE Star Awards:

Social-Emotional Growth (Copper): Locally measured and state committee reviewed; This award shows progress toward achievement of the State Board of Education’s social emotional outcome and goal of each student developing the social, emotional and character competencies that promote learning and success in life.

Kindergarten Readiness (Bronze): This award recognizes communities that offer quality, inclusive opportunities to young children and their families so that each student enters kindergarten at age 5 socially, emotionally and academically prepared for success.

Academically Prepared for Postsecondary (Copper): Recognizes those districts whose students are scoring above the state average on state assessments, with the highest awards going to school districts with 75% of students at levels 3 and 4.

Graduation (Bronze): The High School Graduation Star Award recognizes those districts with graduation rates above the state average, with the highest recognition for those districts at or above 95%.

Postsecondary Effectiveness (Gold): The Postsecondary Effectiveness Star Award recognizes districts that exceed the predicted effectiveness rates (including risk factors) compared to their actual effectiveness rate within a margin of error, with the highest recognition for those districts at or above 70%.

Commissioner’s Award with Honors: The Commissioner’s Award recognizes those districts that outperform their predicted postsecondary effectiveness rate above a .40 standard deviation. A district’s predicted postsecondary effectiveness rate factors in the degree to which identified risk factors known to depress effectiveness rates, such as poverty, chronic absenteeism and student mobility, are present in a district’s student population.

The Commissioner’s Award with Honors shows that Buhler is at least one full standard deviation above what would be predicted. Cindy Couchman, Superintendent of Buhler
USD 313, was especially proud to receive that distinction, saying “That award shows that our teachers and staff believe in each and every one of our students and they will ensure each child learns at a high level.” 

Receiving these KSDE Star Awards underscores Buhler USD 313’s dedication to achieving the outcome measures valued by Kansans, ensuring that the district is not only meeting but exceeding the community’s expectations for educational excellence.

Couchman expressed gratitude and enthusiasm for the awards. She stated, “These awards are a reflection of the tireless efforts of our educators, staff, students, and community. We are immensely proud of these achievements, and we remain committed to delivering a high-quality education that prepares students for a bright future while aligning with the educational vision of our state.”

Buhler USD 313 remains steadfast in its mission to create an exceptional educational experience that fosters academic and personal growth, equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed while adhering to the vision of Kansans for education.