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Broadband Acceleration Grant Makes $10M Available


By the Kansas Department of Commerce


TOPEKA, Kan. – Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Commerce David Toland today announced $10 million is available to enhance broadband infrastructure statewide through the Broadband Acceleration Grant program. Grants funded through this program are designed to offset the capital expenses needed to deploy in unserved areas.

In its fourth year through the bipartisan Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program (IKE), the Broadband Acceleration Grant program aims to provide high-quality, reliable broadband access throughout the state, prioritizing unserved areas, economically distressed communities, and areas of compelling need.

“Empowering communities through broadband infrastructure buildout allows Kansas to lean into our innovative spirit as we grow businesses, keep talent here, and pursue new opportunities,” Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Commerce David Toland said. “The IKE program is a great example of how state agencies, local communities and the private sector provide high speed internet to all Kansans.”

During the first three years of this program, high-speed internet has been delivered to 8,000 homes and businesses in 25 counties. The cumulative $15 million generated another $17.5 million in matching funds.

“The IKE Program is founded on strong partnerships to leverage investments in critical infrastructure sectors, like broadband,” Secretary of the Kansas Department of Transportation Calvin Reed said. “I’m proud KDOT investments support Kansas communities to meet the needs of businesses and citizens now and in the future.”

The Broadband Acceleration Grant program is action-oriented to connect all Kansans. Through this ongoing infrastructure investment, Kansas aspires to be a top 10 state for broadband, improving the lives of Kansans and fostering economic growth for all.

“It is important to focus taxpayer resources on projects that provide sustainable economic benefits that help to grow our state and will encourage people to live and do business in Kansas,” Senate President Ty Masterson said. “The IKE program and the Broadband Acceleration Grant accomplishes that by providing high-quality, reliable broadband access throughout the state, prioritizing the areas that need it the most.”

“Expanding access to quality broadband services not only helps to develop our Kansas workforce but provides more tools for small businesses as well, which is why we included it in the IKE Transportation program,” House Speaker Dan Hawkins said. “After four years of this program, I’m looking forward to seeing the difference these grants make in our underserved communities.”

Key highlights for the fourth round of the Broadband Acceleration Grant program include:

  • Maximum grant funding request of $1 million
  • Qualifying program speed of 100/20 Megabits Per Second (Mbps)
  • Requirement of 50% matching funds for the project, including the possibility of an in-kind match of up to 50% of the required match
  • Co-investment required by sources other than the applicant

“Building digital infrastructure enables KOBD to serve underserved and unserved Kansans, supporting buildout in previously neglected areas,” Office of Broadband Development Director Jade Piros de Carvalho said. “The Broadband Acceleration Program allows KOBD to strategically align with our Five-Year Action Plan, working towards the goal of bringing affordable broadband to every corner of the state.”

The application period runs from January 29 to March 11. The Office of Broadband Development will have a kickoff webinar from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Monday, January 29. For more information about the program, register for the webinar, or to apply for the Broadband Acceleration Grant Program, click here.