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BPU Employee of the Month for October: Chris Unruh


By the McPherson Board of Public Utilities


McPHERSON, Kan. — The McPherson Board of Public Utilities delivers some of the lowest-cost and most reliable power and water in the State. However, the BPU wouldn’t be able to do what it does as well as it does without the people. For this reason, the BPU wants to showcase those people who significantly impact the business and community with an “Employee Spotlight.”

On Tuesday, October 31st, it was announced that the recipient of October’s Employee of the Month was Chris Unruh. Chris is BPU’s Project Manager. He has served the BPU for 21 years, plus he held two summer internships before joining the BPU full-time!

Chris had inside knowledge of the company and its values not only because he grew up in McPherson but because his Grandfather, Ed Unruh, had worked for the BPU for 36 years from 1956-1992.  From this, he knew BPU would be a great place to embark on a career. After graduating high school, he applied for a summer internship. Unruh completed that summer internship, and he signed on the following summer as well.

Chris enjoyed the people he met as an intern and experienced for himself what his Grandpa had said about it being a great place to work– it was not merely lip service. When a full-time opportunity in the Plant Maintenance Department opened, he applied and was offered the position. Chris’ hire date was August 16th, which also happened to be his Grandpa Ed’s birthday!

When asked what his favorite part about working for the utility provider, he stated, “I enjoy the interaction I get with the entire BPU, every department. Also, knowing the work that we do as a team has a positive impact on our Community.” When asked what he would say to anyone considering a job at the McPherson BPU, he said, “Your opportunity to increase your knowledge and advance to meet your goals is endless. The reward for your investment is incredibly fulfilling. It is hard to describe how much of an impact you can have on your Community with a job at BPU. The pride you have is next level.”

Outside of work, Chris enjoys spending time with his family, playing tennis, taking trips and long weekends as well as watching his kids play sports, primarily soccer and tennis.

Per General Manager, Josh Bedel: “Chris Unruh is the ideal recipient of this month’s Employee Spotlight. Like with past Employee Spotlights, Chris has advanced his career with BPU by challenging himself and having a desire to expand his knowledge of the utility industry. Chris started his BPU career in 2002 by joining the Plant Maintenance Department, where he developed his understanding of electric and water technologies. In 2022, wanting to grow his career further, Chris accepted a promotion to become BPU’s Project Manager. Currently, his primary duty is managing the $36 million South Well Field Project, BPU’s largest water project to date. Keep challenging yourself.”

Thank you, Chris, for serving the BPU and the McPherson Community.