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Bethany College Unveils “Spirit Resonance” Exhibition by Visiting Artist Shin-hee Chin


By Bethany College


LINDSBORG, KAN. – Bethany College is pleased to present the visiting artist exhibition “Spirit Resonance,” featuring the remarkable artwork of Shin-hee Chin. The exhibition will be displayed at the Mingenback Art Center from August 21 to September 22, with a closing reception scheduled for September 22, 5:15-6:15 pm.

Shin-hee Chin’s artistic journey has been profoundly influenced by her multicultural experiences, having spent half her life in South Korea and the other half in the United States. “Spirit Resonance” explores the cultural and artistic encounter through a fresh perspective and aesthetic investigation.

A fascinating juxtaposition of Western and Eastern landscape art traditions is at the exhibit’s heart. While Western art focuses on reproducing nature, Eastern landscape art seeks to capture a stylized vision of nature. Yet, amid these diverse approaches, there exist striking parallels and harmonies. Chin intends to infuse landscapes with an essence transcending reality, a sublime “spirit resonance” or vitality, an energy seamlessly transferred from the artist to the work.

The exhibition features Shin-hee Chin’s masterful works, predominantly employing fiber, thread, and stitching as the primary medium and method. These elements imbue the artwork with tactile richness, vibrant colors, and multilayered depth while also reflecting the complex cultural significance of this medium. By incorporating fiber, the artist elevates the traditionally feminine needlework activity into a compelling art-making medium. The slow, meditative nature of stitching allows Shin-hee Chin to be profoundly mindful of the present moment, symbolically bridging the synthesis of East and West, craft and fine art, artist and nature, Korea and Kansas.

“Spirit Resonance” is a captivating exploration of the potential mixture of cultural hybridization, seamlessly incorporating traditional Korean and American techniques and media into innovative art forms. Bethany College is honored to host this exceptional exhibition, offering visitors an enriching encounter with Shin-hee Chin’s captivating vision and artistic talent.

The “Spirit Resonance” exhibition at the Mingenback Art Center is free and open to the public.

For more information about the exhibition and related events, please visit the Bethany College website,