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Bethany College Forges Transformative Partnership with Lindsborg Child Development Center


By Bethany College


LINDSBORG, Kan. – In a strategic move to enhance the educational experience for its students and contribute to the local community, Bethany College has officially entered a groundbreaking partnership with the Lindsborg Child Development Center (LCDC). This collaboration comes as a response to the recent change in Kansas State Board of Education certifications, which now includes preschool education as part of the elementary education curriculum.

Starting in the Spring 2024 semester, Bethany’s education department initiated the partnership by sending freshman Laura Eisenzimmer to complete her ED200 field experience in LCDC’s pre-school classrooms. The proximity of LCDC’s new facility blocks away from Bethany’s campus adds significant value to this venture.

Alan English, Associate Professor of Education and Chair of the Department, emphasizes the importance of diverse experiences for students, stating, “Our partnership with Lindsborg Child Development Center helps the Bethany education department meet both our goals of providing high-quality experiences and preparing students for future teaching positions.”

LCDC, a non-profit organization, opened its new facility in October 2022, making a substantial impact on McPherson and Saline counties. Christy Clarkson, LCDC Director, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, “By engaging in this partnership with Bethany College, we hope to provide students with an understanding of children’s dispositions, social-emotional strengths, and limitations that might affect learning success in a classroom setting.”

The Lindsborg Child Development Center is an exceptional space for early childhood education, born out of about $3 million in charitable giving. It caters to children from 2 weeks to 12 years old, providing an enriching environment for growth and learning. The center has become a vital resource for the local community, addressing a significant childcare shortage and supporting parents in returning to work.

Laura Eisenzimmer, a Bethany freshman involved in the program, expressed her excitement about the field experience at LCDC, saying, “I’m excited to get to go to Lindsborg Child Development Center for my field experience! It is a great experience to see how things are set up.”

The collaborative effort between Bethany College and LCDC benefits students and contributes to the prosperity of Lindsborg. The proximity of the center to Bethany’s campus further highlights the convenience for education majors, offering them unique opportunities for hands-on learning and community engagement.

Bethany College encourages continued support and engagement with this meaningful partnership, reinforcing its commitment to providing quality education and contributing to the community’s well-being.

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