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Be Wealth Hosts Ribbon Cutting for McPherson Office


By Brenna Eller


McPHERSON, Kan.  Joe Johnston, Director of Advancement at Central Christian College and McPherson Chamber of Commerce Ambassador started the Ribbon Cutting and Chamber Connection for the financial firm Be Wealth on Oct. 12 with a fitting quote by Benjamin Franklin, “Money makes money. And the money that money makes, makes money.”

Chad Hitt (BPU) McPherson Chamber of Commerce President presents Marc Seller with Be Wealth’s First Dollar of Profit from the McPherson Chamber. (Photo by Rob Mackey)

Chad Hitt, Chamber President and Comptroller at the McPherson BPU presented Marc Seller, Wealth Manager and LPL Financial Advisor for Be Wealth at the McPherson office with their First Dollar of Profit on Thursday. Be Wealth is located at 322 N. Main, Suite 209 in McPherson.

One piece of financial advice Chad Hitt said he gives his employees at the BPU is to not always think their first paycheck is going to get them through. Instead, he tells them to start thinking about tomorrow and invest.

“As we all know in the ever-changing environment that we’re in right now, it’s a little daunting to start investing for that future, but a company like Be Wealth could be extremely helpful in guiding you through that,” Hitt said.

On Nov. 1, Be Wealth will be celebrating their one-year anniversary of opening their office in McPherson. Be Wealth is a financial advisory firm that prioritizes helping their clients take care of themselves and their families by offering them investment options, access to insurance, and comprehensive financial planning.

“We’ve been in this office space for a few years now,” Seller said. “What we’re celebrating today is a joining of forces.”

Seller said the firm Be Wealth out of Salina partnered with his team in McPherson and he has been the local representative ever since.

“I’ve been able to borrow some of the experience of the team. We’ve got a couple of guys who’ve got double the experience that I have,” Seller said. “With the way the market is going, a lot of folks are unsure about what to do and it’s really good to have that experience.”

The next couple of weeks/months, a focus for the business is whether they can provide any services on the Medicare side of things.

Mike Warenke, who is more on the insurance side with the company is someone Seller introduced is a good resource for that topic specifically.

“What we’re trying to do is provide any services we can whether you’re just fresh out of college or married. We’re trying to get a plan in place, trying to get our finances in order,” Seller said. “We really run the full gambit of things.”

Seller thanked his family for their support, including his wife, their child and another on the way (due in December).

He also gave a shoutout to Be Wealth’s CEO/Founder Brandon Ebert and some Wealth Managers from the Salina office. Seller also shared appreciation for his coworker at the McPherson office, Lucas Lowry.

Lowry, who most have seen at McPherson Chamber Connections and is often the first to greet people at the McPherson office and will be celebrating his first year with the company next week according to Seller.

“It’s been a learning curve of a year for him just figuring it all out,” Seller said. “He came from the phone industry and so there’s a lot of differences.”

Be Wealth tries to keep a simple approach.

“We focus on what we can do for your legacy and how can we plan for your long-term financial goals,” Seller said.

Seller said he tries to keep to the KISS method: Keep It Simple Stupid.

Seller accepting McPherson Mainstreet brick
Marc Seller (left) receives a McPherson Mainstreet Paver from McPherson Mainstreet representative Michael Yates (right). (Photo by Brenna Eller)

McPherson Main Street representative Michael Yates presented Seller with a McPherson Main Street Paver to welcome Be Wealth to the Main Street community and Yates also shared that he worked in the financial industry years ago and has also had the pleasure of knowing Seller for over a decade.

“He’s a very pragmatic, down-to-earth, very good, spiritual person. I’ve been really pleased and privileged to meet and know him,” Yates said. “When you work in the financial industry, you can discern very quickly the people who are there to sell you products and the people who are there to genuinely help. Marc is one of the good ones.”

Mayor Tom Brown congratulated Seller on behalf of the City of McPherson and shared that it’s always good to have backup and good expertise in town for investments.

To learn more about the firm or if you have other questions, you can visit the office in person, call at 620-241-7733 or go to the Be Wealth website:

Seller said he or Lowry are in the McPherson office from 9-5 most days if they aren’t on their lunch break or at the Chamber Connection on Thursday mornings.

Next Thursday, the McPherson Chamber Connection will be at Integrated Health & Wellness Center, LLC located at 1319 E. 1st Street in McPherson.