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Austin Regier to Fill Modified City Administrator Role


By the City of McPherson


McPHERSON, Kan. — The City of McPherson is pleased to announce an exciting new team member and promotions among its administration staff.

Recent departures and role changes have provided the opportunity for reorganization and refocusing of the City’s efforts.

Among the changes to support the City’s needs is the modification of the City Administrator role. A new position aims to address the community’s demand for housing and neighborhood development, while still coordinating conference among the governing body and departmental leadership.

This position puts a strong emphasis on developing and carrying out a comprehensive housing and neighborhood plan for the community, filling an immediate need to support a growing workforce.

Because of the nature of this position, the City has selected Austin Regier to fill this role as he will become the first Director of Housing and Neighborhood Development/City Administrator. Regier joins the City after serving the last five years as the Executive Director of Steps to End Poverty of McPherson County (STEPMC). His hire will be effective March 04, 2024.

Regier’s blend of organizational leadership, grant writing, budget allocation and community development experience made him an ideal fit in this revamped role.

Regier, a native of Newton, attended Bethel College in North Newton and received a master’s degree from the University of Kansas in social work, with a focus on organizational leadership and administration.

The City also announced last week promotions within the administration department. Richard Miller, who has been with the City for 20 years, stepped into the Finance Director position, a post he’s served three times on an interim basis.

As well, Lisa Faust, who has been with the City for a total of 7 years, now serves as the Assistant Finance Director.

Faust has worked alongside the finance department in some capacity during her tenure and most recently served as City Clerk, a position currently open for applications.

Additionally, there will be agreements for support and training with the Loyd Group, LLC and Gary Meagher. Meagher, who is an ICMA credentialed City Manager (retired) and ICMA Senior Advisor, served until 2020 as the County Administrator for Reno County and served as City Clerk/City Administrator for the City of McPherson from 1998 until 2009.