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Attorney General: Kansas Will Stop Changing Genders on IDs


TOPEKA, Kan. (KNS) – Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach says the state will stop allowing transgender people to change the gender on their driver’s licenses and birth certificates. A new law set to take effect July 1st changes the rules.

Trans Kansans have been able to change the gender on their documents since 2019, when a federal judge required the state to grant the changes. Kobach has asked the judge to amend that order because of a new state law that defines sex according to biological characteristics. And he says state agencies will revert any changes already made. “If KDOR has previously modified a driver’s license to list a sex other than the person’s biological sex at birth, SB 180 requires KDOR to restore the driver’s license dataset to its original form,” he said.

Kobach downplayed ramifications for trans residents’ use of bathrooms and other facilities. The law requires people to use facilities that match their sex assigned at birth, but it doesn’t create a crime for not complying.