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All Schools Day Physical and Virtual Medallion Locations Identified


MCPHERSON, Kan. – This year’s McPherson County All Schools Day Button Hunt medallion and virtual location were both in Lindsborg, separated by four blocks. David Rempe found the medallion Sunday morning at the bottom of a fence on the north edge of the playground in Swensson Park, while Nikolous Rempe identified the virtual location, the Fala the Dala Brick Road Wild Dala in front of Lindsborg City Hall, Wednesday morning.

“In the nine years I have been coordinating the button hunt, every incorporated city in McPherson County has had either the medallion or virtual location at least once except for Lindsborg, which is why I decided to put both there this year,” said Button Hunt Chair Lucky Kidd.

The medallion hiding place ties into this year’s theme, “Small Towns, Big Dreams.” Kidd said when he was scouting the park for possible hiding places, he was attracted to the playground that was built as a community effort and designed by children in the community. “The site of Swensson Park also ties into so much of Lindsborg’s history,” he added.

David Rempe said the Button Hunt is very much a family affair, including his wife Sharla, son Nikolous, and his girlfriend, Jordan Thimesch. He said the clues led him to the playground area of Swensson Park, which is shaped like a ship.

The Fala the Dala Brick Road Wild Dala, one of a collection of wild dala horses around Lindsborg, had been selected some time ago. The number of these horses provided a lot of options for people to guess as part of the hunt.

Nikolous Rempe said they had talked about dala horses early on in the virtual hunt. Tuesday’s clue, which was the legal description for a large part of the city of Lindsborg, was one of the key clues along with the Monday clue that focused on what’s usually the predominant color of dala horses and also the color featured on Lindsborg’s City Hall.

“I was looking at the different dala horses, and I saw the Fala the Dala one, which was about the same color as the city building,” Nikolous said as he explained how he came up with his winning guess.

Both David and Nick will receive a $250 prize for their efforts.