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All Schools Day Button Hunt Details Announced


MCPHERSON, Kan. – The McPherson County All Schools Day Button Hunt will begin Friday, May 5th. Again
this year there will be both a medallion hunt and a virtual hunt, each with a $250 prize for the
the person finding the medallion or identifying the virtual item and location.

The medallion features on one side this year’s All Schools Day Button designed by
Kevin Ivers. The Medallion will be in a clear plastic bag which will include instructions on how
to claim the prize. No tools or digging will be needed to access the button.

In the virtual hunt, hunters will submit guesses on what the virtual item is and where it is located.
The medallion and virtual location are accessible at all times and are both on public
property within McPherson County.

To participate in the hunts, a $5 dollar button hunting license and a $2 All Schools Day
Button are required, both of which can be purchased at Ad Astra Radio at 411 East Euclid in
McPherson. Buttons can also be purchased at multiple locations around McPherson County,
a list of which be found at

A clue for each hunt will be posted daily on the All Schools Day website and Facebook
page, and will also be aired at various times throughout the day on KMCP 98.8 FM/1540 AM,
KMPK 96.7 FM, KLBG 95.5 FM, and Kicks 106.1 FM. The final clue to the hunts will be posted on Thursday, May 11th, and the medallion must be found and the virtual item and location identified by 11:59 PM on
May 11th.