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Ad Astra Radio Hosts McPherson Chamber Connection on 75th Anniversary of KNEX-KMCP


Story by the McPherson Chamber of Commerce


McPHERSON, Kan. — Chamber members crowded into the Ad Astra Radio station on a cold January 4, 2024, to celebrate it being 75 years to the day since KNEX 1540, now known as KMCP, took to the airwaves at 7:45 a.m. in 1949. Attendees at this Chamber Connection learned that bringing the station to air was not without difficulties and, in fact, capped a nearly 2-year effort to bring local radio to McPherson.

Through the years, KNEX has gone through multiple owners and call letter changes. When Ad Astra Per Aspera Broadcasting purchased it in 2022, it became KMCP.

The McPherson Ad Astra building is home to three of the radio group’s 11 stations, and all of the news for the 11 stations originates through the McPherson office, said Lucky Kidd, the news and public affairs director.

“I really do feel blessed and lucky that we’re here,” said Ad Astra president Chris Shank. “Pretty much all of the staff that we’ve got here was here when we bought the place. And Joe [Johnston] over there, he hired a lot of these people. So, I’ve got to thank him! We’re lucky that we have a lot of good people here in a good town and lots of support.”

Be sure to check out photos from the January 4th Chamber Connection.