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Managing Soil pH to Maintain High Yields

Too often, farmers forget that soil pH can impact soybean yield potential. In this Managing for Profit, we check in with Todd Vaults, Channel Technical Agronomist who reminds farmers that soil pH is actually a big factor in yield success. ...

Above trend yields realized despite dryness

The lead economist for the National Corn Growers Association says a record corn yield during a year with widespread drought comes as a bit of a surprise. Krista Swanson says some of the major corn-yielding states happened to be in some of the top... Read More.

2023 not the only drought year with good corn yields

A corn researcher says 2023 was not the first time farmers had surprising yields in a drought year.  Joe Lauer with the University of Wisconsin tells Brownfield getting the crop in early helped, but that was tempered by a the long wait for... Read More.

Scientists: Warmer, Drier Climate Affecting Wheat Yields

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KNS) - Kansas State University researchers have pinpointed how much hot, dry and windy weather it takes to stifle wheat production. The recent study found that just 10 hours of extreme heat, dryness and wind together can reduce wheat production... Read More.