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Reaching Full Yield Potential

Reaching full crop yield potential is a goal for every farmer. On this episode of Managing for Profit, an expert with Helena discusses how Fullscale equips crops with a combination of beneficial plant extracts and micronutrients at critical growth stages. ...

Pushing the Yield Envelope

More and more farmers are pushing the envelope on yield. On this week’s episode of Managing for Profit, an expert with AgroLiquid says producers should be careful of using gross revenue through maximum yield product to drive input decisions. ...

A Lot of Yield in the Little Things

Northwest Missouri farmer Jordan Bottiger says he runs two John Deere tractors, a John Deere sprayer, and his planter is a Deere 1790. He tells Brownfield the technology continues to impress him, and allows him to find “a lot of yield in the little things.”

Yield Contest Winners

Most of the top winners of the Missouri Soybean yield contest managed to eclipse 100 bushels to the acre. Missouri Soybeans Field Services Coordinator Dylan Anderson says Joseph Landewee from Chaffee Missouri topped the irrigated division with nearly 109 bushels to the acre.

National Wheat Yield Contest is Open for 2023 Entries

By Julia Debes, MANHATTAN, Kan. - While overall prospects for the 2023 Kansas wheat harvest remain dim due to sustained drought conditions, producers who have received timely moisture are encouraged to enter the 2023 National Wheat Yield Contest. “No... Read More.