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Conditions trending hot and dry in central Illinois

A central Illinois grain farmer says a hot, dry spell could stress row crops this week. Elliott Uphoff of Shelby County tells Brownfield they haven’t had rain in a couple of weeks. “We’re dry, but we’re not hurting yet. It’s going to be getting to... Read More.

Fertilizer prices trending lower into spring 2023

An ag economist says fertilizer prices are still high despite significant declines from 2022. David Widmar with Ag Economic Insights tells Brownfield prices have fallen, but not at the rate that they increased over the last two years. “Producers are going to need to keep... Read More.

Minnesota crop condition ratings trending higher

Beneficial weather helped improve crop condition ratings in Minnesota. The latest weekly USDA crop report shows corn considered good to excellent jumped from 64 to 68 percent.  Soybeans improved seven percentage points to 68 percent good to excellent. Crop development remains behind normal with six percent of... Read More.