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Warmer trend continues in Wisconsin

It has been a warmer than normal winter for Wisconsin. The USDA says the average statewide temperature was more than 12 degrees warmer than usual, quickly melting the snow that did fall during the month, while overall precipitation was about a half an inch... Read More.

Above trend yields realized despite dryness

The lead economist for the National Corn Growers Association says a record corn yield during a year with widespread drought comes as a bit of a surprise. Krista Swanson says some of the major corn-yielding states happened to be in some of the top... Read More.

Broiler sets, placements follow slower trend

Broilers sets and placements started the year pointing towards tighter chicken supplies. The USDA says 237.144 million broiler type eggs were set into incubators last week, below the previous week and down 1% on the year, as the industry continues to react to expectations... Read More.