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The right tools to fight back

Learn how Meristem helps farmers and independent agribusinesses make themost of their infrastructure and intellectual property investments by creatingreal economic value by removing waste in the crop input distribution channel. On The Ground from Commodity Classic, Brownfield’s Carah Hart talks withPeter Rousonelos,... Read More.

BASF offers digital farming tools

Precision tools are used on many farms today. Jeremy Zidek, digital product owner at BASF offers an update on digital tools that support or enable BASF products and agronomic insights for customers today. Zidek says BASF is going to be taking it up a... Read More.

Meristem LIVE: good tools for spring planting

Biologicals can be handy crop protection tools to have in the toolbox. Meristem’s Peter Rusenelous and Xtreme Ag’s Kelly Garrett talk with Brownfield about two solutions for the upcoming growing season that help farmers break down residue on fields and regulate plant growth... Read More.

New weed control tools that work

Broadleaf weeds and grasses can be difficult for growers to manage, and having access to a corn herbicide that provides consistent control can really make a difference.  In this Managing for Profit, John Buol, North America Technical Manager – Selective Herbicides, with Bayer CropScience talks... Read More.

Access to new weed control tools

Every growing season farmers fight for clean fields.  But broadleaf weeds and grasses are a challenge year-after-year.  In this Managing for Profit, Marcel Mesquita with Bayer shares how TriVolt Herbicide, which will be available for the 2023 growing season, can help farmers in the fight... Read More.

Tools available to help navigate market volatility

Understanding how to utilize the futures market can be a lot for producers to wrap their heads around. Makenzie Billings, manager, agricultural and alternative investment products, says the CME Group has developed tools to participants better navigate the volatility in the markets. “And give... Read More.

Finding the right tools to manage tough to control weeds

Having access to a crop protection system that protects yields and gives farmers flexibility to control the toughest of weeds is crucial to their bottom line. In this Managing for Profit, Brian Nemmers, US Soybean Germplasm and Deployment lead for Bayer talks about effective weed... Read More.

Providing cover crop tools and resources to farmers

There are programs available to help Indiana farmers get the most out of cover crop opportunities. In this Corn and Soybean Checkoff Connection, Joe Rorick the on farm sustainability program coordinator talks about the opportunities for farmers through the Infield Advantage and Upper White Cover... Read More.

Successful weed control tools

A successful weed control programs can help farmers protect yields and their bottom line. In this Managing for Profit, Wes Hays, Soybean Product Management Lead talks about how farmers can use the Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System to maximize their return on investment. ...