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MSU 30-year study finds no-till pays

A new study has found no-till systems take about 13 years to payoff. Michigan State University’s Christine Charles tells Brownfield research at the Kellogg Biological Station has been comparing conventional and no-till systems for the past 30 years. “We’re not paying for time in... Read More.

USDA study finds financial position of farms improving

A new report from USDA shows farms are taking on more debt but financial conditions have improved overtime. Brad Zwilling with Illinois Farm Business Farm Management tells Brownfield it’s a trend he’s been closely following. “In Illinois, we’ve gone from a little over $250,000... Read More.

Michigan soybean farmers study deer deterrents

The Michigan Soybean Committee is researching how to mitigate deer damage in soybeans and reduce yield losses. Vice President Scott Wilson tells Brownfield last year his farm in Sanilac County averaged 49 bushels per acre soybeans, but one field only yielded nine bushels per... Read More.

Grant creates opportunities to study Missouri’s dairy industry more

Missouri Dairy’s new executive director is looking forward to growing the organization. Alfred Brandt says he’s concerned with the state of the dairy industry in Missouri. “We’re losing dairy farms. We’re losing some cows. It’s kind of a mirror of this national average. The entire southeast... Read More.

RFA study examines plug-in hybrid flex fuel vehicles

A recent study by the Renewable Fuels Association found plug-in electric hybrid flex fuel vehicles can substantially reduce harmful tailpipe emissions. RFA’s Robert White tells Brownfield the vehicle has the capability to operate on ethanol blends up to 85% and it showed some advantages... Read More.

Study says a reduction in carbon footprint for U.S. soybeans

A new study from the National Oilseed Processors Association and the United Soybean Board says there’s been a decline in the carbon footprint of U.S. soybeans. NOPA’s Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Katie Vassalli tells Brownfield… “The study found U.S. soybean farmers, the processing plants... Read More.