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Bayer specialist discusses corn rootworm management

Corn rootworm is becoming more prevalent in some parts of the Corn Belt this year. Edwin Benkert is a seed and trait specialist with Bayer Crop Science. “We’ve heard reports of heavier pressure in some areas, especially in Iowa,” he said. “We have heard... Read More.

Missouri Soybeans welcomes soybean specialist

Dr. Andre Reis is the new Soybean Specialist at the University of Missouri. Most recently at the Louisiana State University, Reis began serving soybean growers in his native Brazil. Reis says his research priority is to keep growers sustainable and profitable. Learn more at Read More.

Water specialist encourages farmers to invest in water monitoring

A water specialist says farmers need to take water use monitoring into their own hands ahead of a future conflict. Hydrogeologic consultant Todd Feenstra with Midwest Water Stewards works with farmers in the Eastern Corn Belt to help monitor irrigation use. “We need that data,... Read More.

Specialist identifies 3 most troublesome weeds for 2023

A market development specialist for Corteva Agriscience suggests three weeds will give farmers the most problems in 2023. Brad Burkhart is based in the Eastern Corn Belt and tells Brownfield he’s concerned about controlling waterhemp, Palmer amaranth, and giant ragweed this growing season. “These weeds, obviously... Read More.

Cow/calf specialist calls inflation a double-edged sword

An extension cow/calf specialist says inflation is like a double-edged sword. Eric Mousel with the University of Minnesota tells Brownfield there are positive and negative affects on the beef industry. “The cyclical inflation, higher gas prices (and) higher material prices, those obviously are impacting us. ... Read More.

Labor specialist expects technology to complement shortages

An ag labor researcher is studying how growers are dealing with ag worker shortages. Zach Rutledge with Michigan State University tells Brownfield specialty crop prices are not keeping pace with rising labor costs and farmers want access to more tech-driven solutions. “What I think moving... Read More.

A crop specialist is concerned about varying yields

A crop specialist has concerns about this year’s yields, especially in certain areas.  Daniel Olson with Forage Innovations works with farmers who grow the feed for dairy operations throughout the Midwest, and he tells Brownfield the better quality crops appear to be in the... Read More.