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Farmers seek rootworm solutions

After a troublesome 2023, more farmers are looking for ways to deal with corn rootworm problems.  Agronomist Brandon Furseth with Dairyland Seeds tells Brownfield much of southern Wisconsin has been dealing with more corn rootworm problems for a couple of years, but the... Read More.

Valero to join Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline

The world’s second largest corn ethanol producer will join the proposed Summit Carbon Pipeline project being built across five states. Valero has eight ethanol facilities that will be incorporated into the project in South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska. Those facilities would add... Read More.

POET announces partnership with Summit Carbon Solutions

A new partnership between POET and Summit Carbon Solutions is expected to help capture nearly five million tons of CO2 annually. The agreement will incorporate 17 of POET’s biofuels production facilities into Summit’s carbon capture pipeline project. Tom Buis, CEO of the American Carbon... Read More.

Pork producers still looking for solutions to Prop 12

The president of the Illinois Pork Producers Association says finding a fix for Proposition 12 is a top priority.  Chad Leman, an independent pork producer in central Illinois says the California rule lacks consistency. “It allows for ground pork to come into California... Read More.

Prop 12 solutions beyond EATS Act

Congressional opponents of California’s Proposition 12 are considering alternative solutions for pork producers if federal legislation fails. U.S. House Agriculture Committee member Angie Craig tells Brownfield the EATS Act, which would prevent states from regulating interstate trade and agricultural practices, faces significant hurdles in... Read More.