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Crop scouting: don’t judge a book by its cover

An agronomist suggests farmers should extensively scout their crop fields the rest of the growing season. Jon Skinner, regional agronomy manager with Beck’s, says he relates it to never judging a book by its cover. “I’ve walked fields that look like they are going to... Read More.

Crop disease scouting 

Corteva Agriscience market development specialist Jeff Moon says corn and soybean disease pressure was slow early because of dry conditions, but that is starting to turn. He tells Brownfield growers should be out scouting for diseases and taking detailed notes. And Moon says fungicides can be... Read More.

Food plots and summer scouting

Photo courtesy of Bill Winke/Instagram On this week’s episode of the Outdoor Adventures hunting podcast from Brownfield Ag News, outdoor writer Bill Winke discusses his strategies for developing food plots and the dos and don’ts of summer scouting. Part 2 of Bill Winke’s interview can... Read More.

Scouting Soybeans

As the soybean growing season advances, Missouri Soybeans Agronomy and Research Director Eric Oseland says it’s important to scout fields to determine what post emergent herbicide applications are needed. Oseland says scouting fields throughout the season is important so that weeds are kept... Read More.

Scouting for disease pressure this summer

A western Iowa farmer says prioritizing disease management will be critical to crop success in 2023. Kevin Ross raises corn, soybeans, and hay in Pottawattamie County. “We have seen a few more of those issues show up here in our area the last couple... Read More.

Scouting for deer during turkey season

Turkey season is just around the corner, and a hunter from Pennsylvania says chasing longbeards can lead to some prime opportunities to scout whitetail deer. Clint Campbell, host of the Truth from the Stand Deer Hunting Podcast, tells Brownfield turkey season can be very... Read More.

Offseason scouting for whitetails

The 2022-23 whitetail deer hunting season may be over in many states, but a hunter in Illinois says it’s currently a prime time to be scouting for next season. Brandon Quandt (pictured above) is a third generation farmer in southern Illinois and has hunted... Read More.

Importance of early scouting for winter wheat growers

A wheat pathologist says it’s critical that farmers roll out their disease management program for the winter wheat crop. Jessica Rupp is with Kansas State University. “We have out disease we see every single year,” she said. “Stripe Rust doesn’t overwinter in Kansas, but... Read More.

Review your scouting notebook

One of the best ways to plan for the upcoming growing season is to review notes from the previous year.  In this Managing for Profit, Lynn Justesen, technical services lead for UPL says farmers should consider what practices worked and what didn’t and make adjustments... Read More.

Harvest scouting can help improve weed control next spring

The lack of precipitation across the Corn Belt has made it more difficult for farmers to control weeds ahead of the 2023 growing season. Matt Inman, technical marketing manager with BASF says farmers should take notes as they move through fields during harvest.  “Are... Read More.

Scouting for tar spot late season

An extension agronomist says farmers should continue scouting for tar spot late in the growing season. Meghan Anderson is with Iowa State University. “It’s unlikely to affect yield if it really starts to blow up here late in the growing season, but we are... Read More.

Late-season scouting for weed pressure

An extension agronomist says now is the time for farmers to do some late-season scouting. “Now is a really good time to go evaluate what your herbicides did for you this year,” said Iowa State University’s Angie Rieck-Hinz. Rieck-Hinz tells Brownfield farmers should look for... Read More.