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Building New Markets Through Research

In this Pods for Profit, we’ll hear from the president of the Michigan Soybean Committee, Mark Senk, on why farmers are investing in research to develop new soy-based products. Senk recently toured Ohio-based Airable Research Lab which provides early-stage soy-based material research to see... Read More.

Climate resilience research focuses on new system approaches  

Michigan State University’s new Agricultural Climate Resilience Program is starting to research how farmers can better adapt to extreme weather conditions. Michigan State University’s Nikki Rothwell tells Brownfield the changing climate and increase pest and disease issues have made it difficult to profitably grow... Read More.

Research Trial Opportunities

Since the Iowa Soybean Association was founded 60 years ago, the state’s soybean farmers and their checkoff have prioritized research. On this episode of Seeds of Success, an ISA director discusses the importance of research trials and how the information benefits growers. The post

Wet year brings disease challenges, more research

A plant pathologist says the unusually wet spring has brought some crop disease challenges.  Dr. Damon Smith from the University of Wisconsin tells Brownfield one disease has affected many fields. “Pythium has been showing up. Pythium is one of these organisms that we call... Read More.

New U of I Alma Mater plots updating ag research

The University of Illinois has broken ground on a new 55-acre living lab that allows for modern ag research. Andrew Margenot is an associate professor of soil science… “To preserve the long-term nature of the Morrow Plots, we’ve kept treatments more or less similar, but... Read More.

New Beck’s corn root research showing promise

New research into corn root volume and architecture is leading to a better understanding of hybrid selection and crop management. Jim Schwartz, director of research, agronomy, and PFR at Beck’s Hybrids, tells Brownfield they’ve teamed with Purdue, the University of Illinois, and others to... Read More.

On-farm Research

There’s a lot of information available to growers 24/7, but how do they know if something is going to work for them on their operation? On this week’s episode of Managing for Profit, an expert with AgroLiquid says the best way to try a... Read More.

Planting Rate Research and Results

The average US soybean yield has doubled over the last 60 years thanks in part to farmer-led efforts to advance soy research. On this week’s episode of Seeds of Success, a leader with the Iowa Soybean Association says ISA’s Research Center continues to combine... Read More.

Practical Farmers of Iowa seeking on-farm research participants

Midwestern farmers using soil health practices can take part in research projects focused on nitrogen use and cover crops this growing season. Practical Farmers of Iowa senior research manager Stefan Gailans says they are seeking corn growers to explore whether practices like cover crops... Read More.