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Barton County Approves Solar Regulations

By Lucky Kidd GREAT BEND, Kan. — Noting the decisiveness in the community and difficulty in coming to this point, Barton County Commissioners Friday adopted three resolutions that will as a group set out regulations for large scale non-commercial... Read More.

Reno County Commission Approves Small-Scale Solar Regulations

By Lucky Kidd RENO COUNTY, Kan. — Following another lengthy discussion Wednesday, Reno County Commissioners approved with one change regulations for limited-scale commercial solar systems, those of 2-megawatt-capacity or smaller on lot sizes of less than ten acres.The change... Read More.

Plan now to comply with new herbicide regulations

The senior policy director at the Missouri Soybean Association says farmers will need to implement more soil health practices to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s new herbicide strategy. Casey Wasser says starting in 2025, the EPA will start assigning values to pesticides in... Read More.

Minnesota farmer says regulations “always at the forefront”

Regulations impacting agriculture remain a major topic at this year’s Commodity Classic. Southeast Minnesota corn and soybean grower Darin Johnson says state and federal regulatory issues are a constant battle. “Try to make sure farmers are able to farm the way that they have and... Read More.

Pork producers concerned about patchwork of state regulations

Pork producers are concerned about the burden state livestock confinement laws are placing on the industry. National Pork Producers Council president-elect Lori Stevermer says a federal solution is needed to address California’s Proposition 12 and Question Three, a similar law passed in Massachusetts. “Something that’s... Read More.

Wisconsin Soybean president concerned about regulations

Commodity groups are concerned about regulations handcuffing farmers. Wisconsin Soybean president Sara Stelter says that was a big topic during the association’s annual meeting earlier this month. “We’re always concerned on a national level about what the EPA is doing, and how that might effect... Read More.

Reno County Planners Delay Action on Solar Regulations

By Lucky Kidd RENO COUNTY, Kan. — The Reno County Planning Commission heard over an hour and a half of comments from citizens Thursday night regarding proposed solar energy regulation, after which they indicated a desire to take time... Read More.