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Update on IL estate tax reform

The Illinois General Assembly continues to debate the Family Farm Preservation Act. Senate sponsor Dave Koehler, of Peoria, tells Brownfield the bipartisan effort would ease the burden of estate taxes on Illinois family farms, but faces challenges… “Everybody is for that because it just makes... Read More.

USDA could be flexible in FMMO reform

The chief economist of the International Dairy Foods Association says USDA has the potential to combine proposals presented during the Federal Milk Marketing Order hearing. Mike Brown tells Brownfield the entire dairy industry agrees the current Class I formula isn’t working. “They can look at... Read More.

Employment expert hopes feds expand and reform H-2A

An agent for an agricultural labor agency is hoping the federal government makes reforms to the H-2A agricultural visa program. Beth VanDrie with Arlene Resource Management tells Brownfield she’s hopeful Washington makes changes to the H-2A beyond allowing year-round workers to help the dairy... Read More.

Gov. Laura Kelly Signs Sexual Abuse Reform Bill

By Tim Carpenter, Kansas Reflector TOPEKA, Kan. — Gov. Laura Kelly signed a bill unanimously passed by the Kansas Legislature to remove the statute of limitations on criminal prosecution and extend opportunity to file lawsuits related to allegations of childhood abuse.A coalition of women joined... Read More.